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Which delivery option should I choose?

Gift voucher orders are processed within 48 hours of the order being placed. Vouchers are only available within the UK, Channel Islands and Ireland.  We then use Royal Mail to deliver your order.

The following mailing options are available to customers ordering from the UK:

UK 1st class delivery - standard Royal Mail UK 1st class delivery service. This should be received the following working day (Monday - Friday) if within the UK however this is not guaranteed.

If your item is not delivered, please allow up to 25 days after posting before you consider it lost.  This is because your item may be in the process of being returned to sender if it could not be delivered for some reason.

Email - automatic email with a gift voucher link will be sent as soon as the transaction is completed. This can be sent to either the purchaser or the recipient.

N.B. This is a system generated email and it may go straight to the email recipient's junk or spam email folder. Please also take care when entering email address that it is correct. If an email delivery fails we will attempt to contact you to advise that the email has been returned to us 'undelivered' and will try to get another email address. If you have difficulty opening your gift voucher link please see below.

How do I open my gift voucher link?

The link should open when you left click on it, however you may need to copy and paste the link.

Copy the gift voucher link text by left clicking on the line(s) of text (highlighting the whole line), then right click and select 'Copy'.

Open your internet browser and paste the gift voucher link into your address bar by right clicking and select 'Paste'.

Print the gift voucher.

When will the gift voucher(s) be received?

We guarantee that gift voucher orders will be processed within 48 hours and then we rely on Royal Mail to deliver the gift voucher. Order stage to delivery can take between 1 - 4 days depending on when the gift voucher order is processed and the delivery method selected.

Please contact us (see 'Contact Us' page) if you would like to check the progress of your order.

On some occasions we have dispatched your gift voucher order but it gets lost in the post.  If you have not received your order 3 -4 days after placing the order please contact us.  We may need to cancel your original order and issue you with a new gift voucher.  In this situation we would ask you to destroy the original voucher if it is eventually received as it will no longer be valid.

How do I cancel a gift voucher purchase?

Order can not be cancelled, refunded or amended once the transaction is complete.  If you have completed the transaction and realise that you've made a mistake or purchased a gift voucher(s) that you no longer want it will be at the Uplawmoor Hotel discretion to refund your card (provided the transaction has taken place within the last 3 days and subject to terms an conditions.

Please contact us to arrange this. (See 'Contact Us' page)

How do I order more than 1 gift voucher?

Simply 'select more than one voucher in the drop down ‘quantity box' as many gift vouchers as you like by using the 'Continue' button. You can also remove items from your order by using the 'back' button. You can then re-select the right amount of vouchers you require.

If you would like to purchase more than 1 of the same type of gift voucher simply enter the amount of gift vouchers you would like to buy in the 'Quantity' box, for example, if you would like to purchase 10 Afternoon Tea gift vouchers, select the Afternoon Tea gift voucher and then enter 10 in the Quantity box and click on 'continue'.

You can select different delivery addresses, recipients and personal messages for each of the vouchers in your order.  Please follow the on-screen instructions.

My gift voucher is about to expire and I haven't used it yet.  Will I be able to extend the validity of my gift voucher?

It is unlikely the voucher validity can be extended, this is to the discretion of the Uplawmoor Hotel to extend the validity of your gift voucher, this is not guaranteed.  Please contact (the hotel) directly to check if we can offer an extension.

See 'Contact Us' page for our contact details

I'm attempting to purchase a gift voucher but have received a failed transaction message ('Payment has not been accepted') at the end of the transaction.  What should I do next?

There could be several reasons why this may be happening.  Despite there being sufficient funds in an account banks occasionally decline payments due to it being unusual buying behaviour.

This can be easily rectified by contacting the bank and advising them that you are trying to make an online purchase.

Please contact Uplawmoor Hotel directly for further help on 01505 850 565.

I've received my gift voucher but there is a spelling mistake / error on the personal message.  Can I get it amended and re-issued?

Yes.  Please contact us directly quoting your gift voucher reference number and we will make the necessary amendments and re-issue the gift voucher.  The original gift voucher should then be destroyed as it will no longer be valid.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of the presentation of your gift voucher please contact us immediately so that we rectify the situation.

I have received a gift voucher but I don't know who it's from.  Can you tell me who bought it for me?

Yes.  Occasionally the person buying the gift voucher may ask for the gift vouchers to be sent to the recipient directly but forget to add who the gift is from.

We have all of the buyers details stored on our system so we can easily retrieve your order and tell you who purchased the gift voucher.

I've lost my gift voucher.  Can I still make a booking / redeem my experience?

Unless otherwise specified under the terms and conditions of your voucher, we should be able to retrieve your gift voucher on our system by carrying out a name search so please contact us. (See 'Contact Us' page)

Alternatively if you would like another gift voucher issued we can cancel the original and issue another one.

I've received (or purchased) a monetary gift voucher but don't want to use it all in one transaction.  Is it possible to receive smaller denomination gift vouchers or to be given another gift voucher(s) with the remaining balance?

All gift vouchers do state that no change will be given.  Vouchers cannot be given in change and if the full amount is not redeemed in the transaction the amount will be lost.

Are you able to provide me with a VAT receipt?

No, I'm afraid the hotel cannot supply you with a VAT Receipt nor a VAT Invoice until the vouchers you have purchased have been redeemed.

This is because the voucher is treated as a monetary value, and if sold at or below their monetary value then no VAT is due. However, VAT will be due on the full value of the transaction once the voucher has been redeemed with the establishment in question.

In short, you will need to claim back VAT from the hotel venue once the vouchers have been used, rather than when the vouchers have been bought.

Currencies supported: British Pound